The Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation initiated the establishment of the monument to the 40th US President Ronald Reagan to honor his contribution to the victory of the democratic world in the Cold War. This victory has given many countries of Central and Eastern Europe including Ukraine the chance to once again assert their sovereignty and to choose a democratic path of development.

Besides, it is Ronald Reagan who applied maximum efforts in due time for formation of ideology of tax cuts, protecting the rights of private property, the importance of political and economic competition and various freedoms around the world. The internal policies of his Cabinet were an example of the overcoming the economic crisis namely through liberalization and reduction of regulatory intervention of the state into the real sector of economy.

Monument to Ronald Reagan has been already installed in Warsaw, Budapest, Wroclaw and Tbilisi.

The concept of economic policy conducted by Ronald Reagan may be used by Ukrainian politicians. Implementation of principles of freedom of enterprise and priority of the country's defense funding will allow to reorient our economy and change social standards.

In addition, that would be a step of courtesy for installation of a 7 meter high monument to Taras Shevchenko in Washington, the United States.

In general, the monument to Reagan in Kyiv will allow to strengthen friendly ties between the countries and fairly express gratitude to the United States for supporting aspirations of Ukrainians to freedoms.

The idea of installing the monument to Reagan is a grass root initiative of citizens. Place of installation should be a vacant pedestal of former Soviet party monuments, recently demounted in the framework of decommunization campaign.

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