This project will become the Wikipedia of permits. It will contain updated information about all current obligatory administrative services such as certificates, registrations, licenses and other documents regulating lives of citizens and business activities.

Every permit will contain the following information:

  • number of permits issued arranged by years;
  • cost of permit;
  • documents required to obtain a permit;
  • granting procedure;
  • place of issue etc.

Thanks to the Wiki-Permit the procedures of obtaining permits will become easier to access thus lowering legal costs and risks of cprruption.

Users will be able to share informal aspects of getting a permit, including on anonymous basis, as well as to estimate efficiency of administrative services.

Based on the information gathered, we are going to draft and submit a bill on deregulation of permits. The UEFF team has already had a similar experience in the area of agribusiness. In 2015 our team collected for all 110 permits existing in agribusiness. Based on this information, bill 2558a was developed and adopted resulting elimination of 22 of these permits.

Over 1,000 documents have already been added to the Wiki-Permit database. We are constantly updating it and filling it up with new data.

The ability to share information among users about peculiar aspects of the procedures will allow to identify corruption risks when obtaining permits and prevent extortion or procedural defects in the future.