International technical assistance is an important tool for promoting economic growth of the country, implementation of innovative projects and reforms.

Ukraine is beneficiary of $3.8 billion of foreign aid. Assistance to the country is provided in almost all areas of social and economic life. There are over 300 technical assistance programs for Ukraine totaling. This is 5% of Ukraine's GDP.

About half of this money comes at the expense of the US taxpayers. In Ukraine, these projects enjoy tax benefits.

However, much of the funds are spent inefficiently, result orientation is often missing, transparency of the fund use is insufficient. The UEFF has become the first organization in Ukraine to start actively analyzing these issues.

Implementation of this project will ensure the creation of a reporting system and management of public finances, the level of fiscal responsibility will be increased, and a performance indicator for appropriation of grant aid will be established.

This will help establishing public control over the use of grant aid and ensure transparency of expenses.

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