Tax Freedom Day is an economic indicator that marks the number of days that have to be spend by taxpayer in order to settle tax bill with the state. This day is marked as Tax Freedom Day.

Calculation of tax freedom day is an important indicator of perception of the amount of tax burden by citizens. Calculation of this indicator in Ukraine is made by the Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation. In particular, June 13 was proclaimed the Tax Freedom Day in 2016.

Therefore, one should work almost half a year for taxes for the state and only another half – actually for oneself. In addition, Ukrainians almost do not realize what kind of responsibility the representatives of the executive power actually bear for their use.

Aggregate tax burden on salary of an average Ukrainian is 38%. In addition to that VAT and excise duties apply.

For the Tax Freedom Day the UEFF together with IFAK marketing research agency conducted survey "Perception of tax situation in Ukraine by Ukrainians". The study referred to the attitude of various population groups towards tax rates. As it turned out, only 20% of Ukrainians consider the amount of current taxes fair.

Almost half of those surveyed believe that they pay less than 30%, 8% of respondents suppose this rate to be over 20%, and 34% of those surveyed were not able to answer how much taxes they paid at all.

According to 16% of Ukrainians surveyed, there is no point in paying taxes on wages at all. The most frequent answer about fair rate was 6-10%.

The overall majority of Ukrainians is not willing to pay more taxes even to increase pensions and any other expenses. Some of Ukrainians, however, are ready to pay more taxes for public services and amenities.

"Perception of tax situation in Ukraine by Ukrainians"

The idea of ​​calculating the indicator of Tax Freedom belongs to American Florida businessman Dallas Hostetler. He brought it up for the first time in 1948. This index is calculated and published in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, the Czech Republic and other developed democracies.