Around 40% of Ukrainians do not know how much taxes they are actually paying – this is the last survey on the level of tax literacy. Information about contributions to budget from salaries, goods and services is deliberately concealed.

Indeed, people do not see how much tax is paid from their salaries because the whole process of payment rests with the employer without informing employees. Stores are also prohibited to display prices of goods without taxes.

However, there is little publicity in distribution of public funds. Data about local budgets are mainly not published; recipients of public taxes, tax exemptions and others remain unknown.

To solve these problems, the Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation develops respective bills and public campaigns. Thus, we have developed and encouraged the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine to enact the Bill "On Transparency of State Support". The Bill provides for mandatory publication of information about all recipients of state funds, including grants, subsidies, tax exemptions and others.

The Bill of Ukraine on Transparency of State Support

We are also developing a bill that will allow every taxpayer to get information in an accessible form on the following:

paid taxes or fees;
all indirect taxes included in prices of goods or services;
Information on tax items and tax benefits will be made public through the state information and analytical system.

We are also planning a series of information campaigns that will show why due to disproportionately high taxes the price of gasoline in Ukraine is higher than in the US, the cost of clothing is higher than in the EU, etc.