The Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation initiated the establishment of the monument to the 40th US President Ronald Reagan to honor his contribution to the victory of the democratic world in the Cold War. This victory has given many countries of Central and Eastern Europe including Ukraine the chance to once again assert their sovereignty and to choose a democratic path of development.

International technical assistance is an important tool for promoting economic growth of the country, implementation of innovative projects and reforms.

Tax Freedom Day is an economic indicator that marks the number of days that have to be spend by taxpayer in order to settle tax bill with the state. This day is marked as Tax Freedom Day.

Around 40% of Ukrainians do not know how much taxes they are actually paying – this is the last survey on the level of tax literacy. Information about contributions to budget from salaries, goods and services is deliberately concealed.

The Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation together with parliamentarians developed a number of amendments to Bill 4685 "On Electronic Trust Services" initiated by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

Ukraine is one of the last few countries in the world where people can’t buy or sell agricultural land. Almost 7 million people in Ukraine have agricultural land in private ownership. This represents 28 million hectares of arable land of the total 32 million hectares (rest is still state property).

This project will become the Wikipedia of permits. It will contain updated information about all current obligatory administrative services such as certificates, registrations, licenses and other documents regulating lives of citizens and business activities.