Americans for Tax Reform (ATR)


"Americans for tax reform" – an influential nonprofit organization, which opposes any increase in the tax burden in the United States. Number members, 60 000. The organization was founded by Norquist Grover (Grover Norquist) in 1985 on the initiative of then US President Ronald Reagan. The most significant project of ATR is "the Sworn defender of the taxpayer" – a written promise that gives the MP or candidate for elective office, to take all available measures to avoid increasing the tax burden on the income of a person or business. From the moment the Oath was initiated and until that time, hundreds of members of the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress and more than 50 senators, as well as each of the presidential candidates from the Republican party, was elected President, signed the Oath of office. Since 1992, ATR conducts weekly meetings of conservative and Republican activists in the format "without the press and not under the Protocol" with the aim of harmonizing their actions and strategy of behavior. Very quickly, "our Wednesdays" become an important hub of conservative and Republican political organizations in the United States. 


The Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA)


The Taxpayers Protection Alliance is a non-profit non-party organization aimed at educating the public through research and dissemination of information about the state’s influence on the economy. Using mass media, blogs and other media, the TPA informs the public about inefficient activity of the state, as well as fraud and abuse of power by government officials. 


The Heritage Foundation


The Heritage Foundation was founded in 1973. It is a scientific, research and educational institution developing and promoting conservative public policies based on principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom and democratic values. It is one of the largest scientific and research organizations in the United States in the area of public policy. The Foundation is financed with the support of the public – individuals, foundations and corporations, except for state donations. 


Українська аграрна асоціація (УАА)


The Ukrainian agrarian Association (UAA) is a non - profit society whose members are Ukrainian companies operating in the agricultural market. 


Fraser Institute


Our mission is to improve the quality of life for Canadians, their families, and future generations by studying, measuring, and broadly communicating the effects of government policies, entrepreneurship, and choice on their well-being. 


Property Rights Alliance (PRA)


Property Rights Alliance (PRA), an affiliate of Americans for Tax Reform, stands as an advocacy organization dedicated to the protection of physical and intellectual property rights, both domestically and internationally. 


Ukrainian Students For Liberty


Ukrainian Students For Liberty is a non-profit organization, which is part of global Students For Liberty network. SFL is the largest libertarian student organization in the world that unites more than 3,000 local student groups and 3681 leaders around the world with operations on every inhabited continent. 


Ukrainian Gun Owners Association


The UGOA (Ukrainian Gun Owners Association) was founded in October 2009. It brings together thousands of free Ukrainians, who respect their Constitution and its right of citizens to protect life. Members of the UGOA come from all regions of Ukraine, all social groups, ages, genders and education. They all share an appreciation and respect for firearms and a readiness to bear them responsibly, and do so legally.