The Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation is a public organization whose mission is to increase economic freedom by lobbying the facilitation and reduction of taxation, minimization of the government regulation and promoting private property rights protection.

 What Has Been Done

1. Electronic document flow. Deregulation and international integration of electronic document flow in Ukraine. Amendments on deregulation of electronic document flow in Ukraine have been developed and successfully lobbied. Main changes allow users to sign legal documents using common software and integrate the electronic document flow market into the EU countries. The amendments have been implemented in Draft Law 4586 on Electronic Trust Services.

2. Audit of regulatory framework is being carried out in the field of administrative services. Efforts are under way hereon to launch global project Wiki Permit Permit. It is expected that this project will allow us to systemize information containing over 160 ths records about administrative services provided in Ukraine, to prepare both comprehensive proposals on sector reforms and specific ones to improve the provision of certain services. Besides, the experience of other countries in providing administrative services will be studied within the project and corresponding information will be provided to their consumers on a free basis. We are likely to develop a comprehensive deregulation law in future to abolish unnecessary permits, simplify the procedures of administrative services provision, bring them closer to the customer, reduce and mitigate any corruption mechanisms.

3. Advocacy of Ukraine's interests abroad. The UEFF establishes and maintains relations with international organizations and politicians. In particular, appeals have been made to famous representatives of the Congress of the USA under the civic campaign for sanctions against Russian rocket engines.

4. Information campaign on taxes. The first Tax Freedom Day held in Ukraine. Its purpose was to show the proportion of tax burden on consumers and to teach people to demand report on budget implementation from executive authorities {insert link here}.

5. Student movement. Our partners are youth volunteer organizations, such as the European Students for Freedom. The UEFF takes an active part in helping to organize student libertarian movement in Ukraine.

Whom We Cooperate With

Our partners are NGOs from the USA Americans For Tax Reform and Taxpayers Protection Alliance. These are leaders in the field of taxpayers’ public impact on the government.

We cooperate with scientific, research and advocacy foundation Heritage. We are also a part of network of non-governmental libertarian organizations Atlas and association bringing together organizations aimed at protecting taxpayers – World Taxpayers Associations.

Who Finances Us

We do not accept taxpayers' money, i.e. no "public" funds, which guarantees our independence from officials.

The organization receives donations only from individuals and business entities in the form of non-repayable financial assistance (charitable contributions), grants from non-government foreign foundations supporting the promotion of economic freedom values.

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