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Mykhailo Lavrovskyi Mykhailo Yakobchuk Jed Sunden
CEO Founder Founder
Lavrovskyy yakobchuk sunden
Oleg Kolomiiets  

Oleksandr Kuzan

Analyst and Project Manager   Analyst
kolomiets   kuzan

The Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation is a public organization whose mission is to increase economic freedom by lobbying the facilitation and reduction of taxation, minimization of the government regulation and promoting private property rights protection.

The Manifesto reflects key principles of the Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation. It has been supported by citizens who believe that the government impact on people's lives should be minimized, free pricing should be an indispensable element of economic freedom, and the state policy should aimed at maximum freedom of foreign trade. We also believe the development of democratic prospering state is not possible without comprehensive protection of private property.

01021 Kyiv, st. Institutskaya 22/7, of. 2,
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