The mission of


Ukrainian Economic Freedoms Foundation


is to effectively advocate for greater economic freedom by achieving lower and simpler taxation, implementing deregulation and increasing property rights protection.


We believe that economic freedom and the rule of law are essential foundations of prosperity and are highest values of their own.

Taxes in Ukraine should be stable, predictable and not obstruct free competition. There is no "public funds" - there is only taxpayers' money

We stand for the maximum reduction prohibitions and restrictions on economic activity, seeing them as one of the main threats to economic freedom

In partnership with leading international organizations in Ukraine we present three indexes that reflect the real level of economic freedom and property rights

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If you are a progressive person who shares the values UEFF and ready to fight for economic - join us. Freedom is never free, your actions matter. We invite you to support our specific projects as well as organization as whole. You can indicate particular project in the designation of donation wire transfer. In this case, all 100% of donated funds will be used for the project.